Special Edition Bass Guitar In the World


This bass is not only easy to look at, it’s also easy to play. This bass guitar is designed specifically with ergonomics in mind. This is the 05Ric Extended Range Bass by Crimson Guitars. The main focus of the bass is playability and balance. In addition to the interesting shape of the guitar, the fact that it looks like it has no pickups makes it very peculiar. No it’s not an acoustic bass. The pickup is hidden. Playing this thing must be a joy.

This one goes to 11

11 Strings!? Who needs that? Well looks like Jean Baudin does, and has a site filled with crazy 11 string bass guitars made by Conklin. Check it out here: www.jeanbaudin.com. I don’t know about you, but I find these basses kind of intimidating.

Devil bass

Evil! It’s supposed to look evil and it does. This is the Bass Devil 666 from ES Guitars (not ESP Guitars). They make some wicked handmade in the USA guitars. Made for metal is their slogan – heall yeah!

Muffler bass

What am I looking at here? A bass guitar or something that fell off a pickup truck? This is a homemade bass and not commercially available as far as I know so enjoy the pic.

Swiss army bass

Functionality is everything right? This ‘Swiss army bass’ lacks a bit in the looks department but shines as far as utility. Need to throw in a few keyboard swells – no problem! And you can play both at the same time, just use hammer ons.

An even more ergo ergobass

This thing is a real stunner! Reminds me of a piece of high end stereo equipment. This is the Xavier Padilla Custom electric bass guitar, built by Jerome Little of Little Guitar Works, and this is another design focused on ergonomics. Look closely at the neck, that’s right it’s twisted! It’s called a Torzal Twisted Neck. I really wonder what it’s like to play this one.

Space bass

Here’s a fun little bass with a fun little name “The Space Bass”. Looks like a star to me but hey, I guess its a space ship. This thing was released by Washburn Guitars. Its a replica of a Bootsy Collins bass and there were only 100 made. Funky!

The AK47

Ktone Workshop threw out the ‘axe’ and crafted the ‘gun’! It’s a machine gun bass and apparently a high quality professional instrument. A handcrafted Machine Gun AK-47 shape. Killer!

Back asswards

And finally just a plain stupid bass. Confusing huh? Someone’s got a sense of humor. This bass doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going :-)


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